Wednesday May 18, 2022

The Most Germy Places in Your Office Revealed

We all know germs are everywhere in our homes and workplaces, but you might be surprised to learn where the most germy place in your office is. Perhaps you expect it to be the toilet bowl, or maybe the door to the bathroom. Or what about the floor everyone walks over all day, every day?

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The Germiest Places in Your Office

Perhaps disturbingly, the handle of the office coffee pot has been found to be one of the worst places in the office to find germs. In fact, it contains up to a staggering 34 times more germs than are found on the average school toilet seat. Perhaps the most upsetting aspect of this is the knowledge that all those bacteria have been transferred there by your fellow office workers. It’s not only coffee pots that harbour high amounts of bacteria – the buttons on your printer or photocopier are also home to many millions of bacteria. Incredibly, research found that these buttons hold more germs than the average dog’s bowl.

Door Handles

Perhaps less surprisingly, door handles are hotbeds of germs and bacteria – in fact anywhere a large number of people regular place their hands is likely to be full of germs. While we all take a great deal of care keeping our kitchens and cooking utensils clean and free of germs, it seems we often overlook the hundreds of objects we and many others regularly touch throughout the average day. Speaking of kitchens, according to, dish cloths are another commonly overlooked culprit. Soap dispensers are another germ blackspot, perhaps predictably, as it’s the last thing people touch before they wash their hands.

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If you’re concerned about the levels of hygiene in your office, commercial cleaning in Belfast or wherever you happen to be could help put your mind at rest. Reputable agencies such as can ensure your office gets a thorough clean, and you don’t need to worry about pesky germs on every surface.

As an additional precaution, it’s worth remembering how important it is to thoroughly wash your hands regularly throughout the day, and encouraging your colleagues to do the same! This is particularly important before preparing food or drink and after visiting the bathroom, but keeping an alcohol hand gel on your desk can also be a help.

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