Saturday May 21, 2022

The simple joy of a nice chair.

Whilst it is certainly true that human beings are designed to be constantly moving, and the fact that we are facing a rising problem with obesity and inactivity sort of confirms this, we can’t be always on the go. There are times when we need to sit and do something be it work, reading, watching or just simply having a snooze. For this we need a chair and the chair is one of the most important aspects of household living and design development there is. For example take the need for a decent set of Operator Chairs like those from for a work force? Where do we get the idea of chairs from?

Imagine coming home from a hard day’s hunting. You’ve got a few wild pigs and some root vegetables that you’ve forgaged for. The fire is going and it’s time for a nice sit down and listen to the Shaman tell a story that he’s just made up. What do you sit on? Thus the chair is born or in this case the smooth rock. However the need to sit down on something comfortable after a long day was certain one of the most paramount concerns to our ancestors.

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We can see that this was the case when the first proper Empire’s and civilisation’s got their best people in the subject of something nice to park one’s posterior. To prove this we can see some of the most early examples in our museums. The Eygptian seem to have been the first to have a go. You had to be very rich to have one and they believed that the chair needed to be made according to natural forms otherwise the world would be thrown into chaos.They must have got it right though because the designs have proved to be very similar throughout history.

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The Romans liked theirs to be carved from marble. That might sound a bit hard on the backside but they countered it with lots and lots of scatter cushions. If the marbe wasn’t available, or they were off on their holidays, then they were happy with a wooden one. They were not worried about having a back to it unlike the Egyptians. The country that did were the Chinese, unlike their Asian cousins the Japanese and Korean’s they were having none of this sitting on the floor business. They wanted to have a better version of their traditional camp stools.

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