Monday May 23, 2022

The wonders of the London Underground

When you are looking for something to do during the downtime between your use of Meeting Rooms Windsor way, you might like to take a trip by train into the city of London to visit some of the incredible sites. There are many historic buildings as well as incredible shopping districts to be found in the capital. If you are looking for meeting rooms in Windsor you can have the best of both worlds by being a location that is adjacent to London but not in the middle of the busy city. Once in the capital there are many ways that you can move around between the attractions with the underground being a popular choice for many.

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The entire network of the tunnels covers a total of 249 miles which is an incredible distance, located under the streets of the capital city. The longest distance between two stations is 6.3 kilometres, with the shortest being just 260 metres. The station locations will see you reach a variety of different areas of the city with relative ease.

Here are some interesting facts about the wondrous London Underground.

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  • The underground was nicknamed ‘the Tube’ in the early 1900s as an abbreviation of the previous nickname ‘The Twopenny Tube’. This name was given to the Central LIne as all of the fares across this route cose tuppence.
  • The trains on most lines travel at speeds of around 20 miles per hour with the trains on the Metropolitan line reaching up to 60 miles per hour. As the distance between the stations is much less than of standard trains and due to other safety mechanisms the trains on the underground do not need to reach high speeds.
  • The Central line is the one line that appears to have many twists and turns in it and this is due to the fact that the tracks follow the path of the city’s medieval street plan.
  • It it thought that during the rush hour in the morning (around a three hour time period) around 57,000 people enter the Waterloo underground station.
  • There are a total of 270 stations and the Jubilee LIne is the only one that connects with all of the other underground lines.
  • Interesting, along known as the underground, around 55 percent of the tracks are actually above ground level.
  • The escalators used on the underground travel a distance equivalent to twice the distance around the world, on just one week.
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