Wednesday May 18, 2022

Think outside of the box

When you are looking to create some privacy in your garden whether this is from the street, your neighbours our perhaps you are trying to create a quiet seated area away from the rest of the garden it is usual to think that you will have to use a fence or wall in order to achieve this. However, there is another more environmental way to achieve your desired outcome. This is to use hedge plants instead.

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Depending on the style that you are looking to achieve along with the required use for the area you can find a number of different hedging plants that will provide this for you. You can create sound barriers a well as physical barriers for a variety of areas. There are a number of different species that you can use. Essentially any plant that will grow high and wide enough when planted close enough to another one will create a hedge type barrier. Lavender for example can be used to create a demarcated area in a garden and this is used in many zen gardens, as it create a beautiful scent as well as an incredible look.

When deciding which plant to use it is important to think about whether you want an evergreen or a deciduous variety. If you choose a deciduous variety you need to be aware that in the autumn and winter months you hedge will lose its leaves and you will be left with bare branches. Once you have planted your hedge it is worth talking to a Gloucestershire Grounds Maintenance company such as to discuss some maintenance options.

Here are some plant ideas for you to take a look at:

Dwarf English Box – this classic plant is iconic in many formal gardens across the country. This plant produces a pleasant smell as well as beautiful green foliage with wonderful glossy leaves. The plant grows natural in round ball and when planted closely with one another can create a wonderful hedge that could reach up to three feet in height. Box is also incredibly drought resistant which makes it a great choice for the summer months.

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Red Tipped Photinia – also known as ‘Red Robin’ this is a beautiful plant that is fast growing and produces wonderful red tipped leaves along with beautiful flowers in the Spring and Summer months. It can reach heights of round 15 feet in both height and width and when plant with others it will create a wonderful hedge. Pruning regularly will see the hedge develop at the height that you require.

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