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Tips for tenpin Bowling

There are few pastime activities more inclusive and enjoyable than tenpin bowling. Whether you play solely for fun or like to get competitive with your friends at the alley it is advisable to take a little time to work on your game. The best way to do this is to get a league together of friends, book a Gloucester Minibus Hire company once a month from sites like and play a few games for fun first.  Look around at the other players to see what techniques they have. Not only does using the correct techniques help against the development of strain injuries but bowling gets much more interesting once you have gained a basic level of competence.

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Get the right equipment

Before fretting over which type of wrist supports and bowling gloves to buy it is advisable to get the basics right: shoes that fit and a ball that is the correct size and weight. Bowling ball review website explains some of the considerations intermediate bowlers should make when choosing a custom ball.

Beginners should make use of the balls already at the bowling alley, known as house balls, which come in a wide range of weights and sizes. Using a ball that is 10% of your body weight is a good guideline, and the finger holes should feel relatively snug without any tightness or pinching. Experimenting with a range of house balls is a good idea, as you can find out what works for you and rule out what doesn’t.

Perfect your bowling action

As you will be repeating your action over and over in quick succession it is essential that you feel comfortable and are not straining your body while bowling. In general terms a right-handed bowler should begin their approach with their left foot forwards, before stepping with their right foot. This is usually followed by three more steps, ending with their left foot just before the foul line from where the ball is released, smoothly and with the thumb followed by the two fingers, down the alley.

It is important to allow the knees to bend at the end of the approach and to avoid springing up quickly from this position. With experience this action starts to feel more natural and there is then scope to tweak the style of the approach and the release. Also a bowler may feel the need to add comfort aids such as bowling gloves or a new set of shoes to help them get that coveted perfect game.

Aim for a strike

As highlighted by Tenpin Bowling Australia the best angle from which to hit the collection of pins, or pocket, is between six and seven degrees. Though this seems a pretty big ask for beginners it is important to get into the groove of aiming for consistent strikes early in your development.

Below this angle offers too much deflection off the pins while a greater angle offers too little. A right-hander wants the ball to impact just to the right of the headpin and, if your aim is just out either way, instead of tearing up your action why not slightly alter the starting position of your feet to compensate for the discrepancy?

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