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Tips to get a better radio reception

If you are struggling to hear your radio clearly, your signal may not be strong enough or interference could be causing the problem. Here are a few things you can try to strengthen your signal.

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FM/AM radio

It is important to remember that the higher you place your radio, the better signal it should receive. Placing it next to a window will also increase the chances of improving the quality. The aerial should be fully extended and moved gently to find a signal; in addition, you can check online to see what your signal strength should be

It may be that the signal is being interfered with rather than it not being strong enough. Make sure your radio is not next to any other electrical devices that could affect the signal.

Some radios have a socket to add an external aerial. If yours does, you can try buying a more effective aerial. This could even include mounting an external aerial to your roof or in your left. Tewkesbury TV aerial repair is a service that is readily available and you may want to contact a company such as to help.

DAB radio

Some of the same tricks apply if you have a DAB radio. Again, keep your radio up high and near a window if possible. The aerial should be fully extended, but make sure it is kept vertical to maximise your ability to pick up a signal. Some radios even have an LED display that shows you the strength of the reception, helping you to you know where to angle the aerial.

Electrical devices may also interfere, so move them away if possible. You could also try switching them off one by one to find the culprit.

DAB radio stations can change frequencies, meaning you may have to search for them again. You can try rebooting your radio and then rescanning to find your preferred station. If this does not help, you may want to consider getting an external aerial to improve the signal.

Internet radio

One of the main causes of an unreliable connection is downloads interfering with the signal. Turn all downloads off and close any webpages you are not using.

If you have poor internet strength, you can try a Wi-Fi range extender; even better, use an Ethernet cable instead.

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