Wednesday May 18, 2022

Using Instagram for Business

There are more than ninety million active users a month on Instagram and these users post an astronomical forty million pictures each day. There is a free tool that allows users to share their Instagram photos on Facebook and this is probably one of the most popular tools on the internet right now. So is there a way that you can use Instagram and use it for a marketing plan for your business?

Is It Worth It?

There are so many social media sites on the internet right now and it seems that as soon as you become familiar with one another hits the scene. While you may not want to take the time to learn a new platform, don’t let Instagram pass you by. This tool is so handy in so many ways and has the portability and power to offer your business some of the best marketing you can get for free on the internet today.

Ways to Utilize Instagram

There are some really great ways that other businesses have utilized to make Instagram a part of their marketing package:

Promoting Products or Services – You can take pictures of your products and post them on Instagram to start conversations. This means no looking for those free photos online because this program is all about your businesses photographs. These instant uploads can be a great way to offer sales too.

Show What Goes on Behind Closed Doors – People enjoy learning about the processes it takes to put together your products or services If you own an auto repair shop, you can take photos of a tune up or oil change to show how it’s done. If you make a product like jewelry you can post real time photos of the steps taken to put together a necklace. It doesn’t matter what the product or service is, once you get your fans involved they’ll do more to market your business than you could in the same time frame.

Use Your Customers to do the Marketing – Have your customers use Instagram to post pictures on the site of your products. Offer a discount or even something for free for the best photo of a customer and your product or service. They do all the work and share the pictures on their Instagram and Facebook and suddenly, you have new business from their friends and family members. Buying Instagram followers is also a good trick to look more popular that might help small businesses get started on the social media platform.

Any company knows how important branding is and with Instagram you can get your brand recognized, especially if you buy Instagram followers to make your brand look more established, then if you follow up with some great marketing to attract real people, you are guaranteed to be successful. This makes people want to talk about your brand and to want to share your photo and subsequently your products or services with their friends. The most compelling aspect of this site is that it is so easy to use and can be downloaded onto any smart phone or tablet. Since the sharing feature allows your customers to share with their friends, the only work you have to do is take a photo and upload it. Your customers do the rest of the work.

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