Wednesday May 18, 2022

Wedding Bells and Being a Super Hero Groom

If you are a man, and you have recently proposed to your other half (and importantly, they have said yes!) then you are now probably in amongst a plethora of plans – venues, flowers, cake designs are a few of the things that the pair of you will be thinking about over the coming months leading up to your big day.

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Traditionally, the bride has a bigger involvement in the wedding plans, which can sometimes lead the groom feeling a little isolated and out of their depth – the term ‘bridezilla’ is frequently used to describe a bride to be who may have got a little too carried away with making sure that the big day is perfect. But it doesn’t have to be this way – after all, it is the two of you who are getting married, and it will be helpful to you both if you both had an equal part in the arranging of the big day. It will help you to feel more involved in the whole process (after all, it isn’t just about the stag night!), and it will help your new wife to be, as she will feel that you are as equally excited and determined to make the big day a special one as she is.

If you are at a bit of a loss about where to begin, you will need a best man – he will organise the stag party and can be useful in other ways too. Ask him if he will assist you and your fiancée in the arrangements, and you will have automatically gained another helper! Your outfit is as important as the bridal gown – start thinking about what sort of a look you are going to go for – a traditional one or something a little different, and you both should consider a colour scheme that will be the theme colour for your wedding so that you can match up to that. Men Rieker shoes from are a great choice for a wedding as they are comfortable, yet still look the part on the big day. You can even go the whole way and have a top hat and tails, a look which is becoming increasingly popular – maybe Downton Abbey is wearing off on people?

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Whatever you both decide on, the most important thing to remember is that it is your big day and don’t get swamped in wedding plans that make you feel stressed.

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