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What are the different types of DBS check?

The procedure once known as the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check has evolved.

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Since 10 September 2012, the CRB check has been known as the DBS check. There are now four tiers of checks available to accommodate different issues. Here is a look at exactly what you need to know about each type of check.

Basic disclosure check

This will reveal if you have any “unspent convictions”. These are usually convictions for which you are currently still carrying out a sentence, but it can also include sentences for a term of imprisonment of over four years, which is never classified as “spent”, and for terms of imprisonment, which are less if there will be an added period of time after that term of imprisonment during which the conviction will remain “unspent”. The baseline is that a conviction is only considered “spent” if it can be assumed that a criminal has been rehabilitated in accordance with government guidelines.

Standard check

In addition to revealing whether you have any unspent convictions, the standard check confirm whether you have any spent convictions and whether you have received any cautions, warnings or reprimands.

Enhanced check (excluding barred list)

The enhanced check will include everything in the standard check plus information about any findings of innocence or acquittals. It will also confirming whether a person lives with somebody who has received a caution or been convicted.

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Enhanced check including barred list check

This is the most comprehensive form of check. It is necessary for those wishing to work with children or vulnerable adults to have this level of clearance. In addition to the issues already outlined above, this level of check will confirm whether you have been entered upon the list of people barred from working with children, vulnerable adults or both.

Certain companies, such as can carry out the disclosure process for you, but you must decide (or discover from your employer) which of the four different types available is suitable for your particular needs.

The basic disclosure check can be obtained by anyone and for any purpose. Individuals can obtain them online very easily. However, if you need to obtain one because you will be working in a teaching or caring role, for example, you will need to satisfy certain criteria.

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