Saturday May 21, 2022

Why Winter Camping Can Work… With the Right Equipment

Embracing camping in winter can be tricky, but with the right set-up and equipment, it can be a fantastic experience and a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors even when the weather is chilly.

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Escape digital technology and the crowds, and be at one with nature on a winter camping trip. Indulge in the peacefulness and tranquillity that camping in the chilly months provides. Enjoy crisp, frosty mornings and dramatic orange sunsets while keeping warm around a camp fire.

You will need some outdoor survival equipment to keep you safe and warm on your camping trip, but with the right gear and some planning you are free to enjoy a remarkable experience that you will only find on a winter camping trip.

Your overall adventure plans will determine exactly what gear you need to take with you. You may be going skiing, snowboarding or mountaineering, or maybe hiking and camping. Good planning and some investment will ensure you are ready for the harsh conditions and environment you are venturing into.

Whatever your adventure, if it’s during the winter months you will need good quality, warm clothing and a decent tent and sleeping bag. supply all the winter camping and survival equipment necessary for your trip.


Thermal layers, insulated boots, gloves and glove liners, waterproof and windproof outer layers, goggles or sunglasses, and a thermal hat will keep you warm and dry. Take a spare pair of all clothing items as wet or snowy weather could see them drenched, no matter how water resistant they are.

Safety Equipment

Take a map and compass, whistle, head torch, shovel, emergency or foil blanket, first aid kit, and a mobile phone for emergencies.

Camping Equipment

You will need a strong, lightweight tent, a heavy tog sleeping bag, a sleeping pad to keep you off the frozen ground, a stove, fuel and pot, a knife and lighter, a flask, and a sturdy backpack to carry it all in.

Remember to always tell someone where you’re going camping, as well as a time or day when you plan to return. With proper planning, you can head off into the wilderness to enjoy the pristine, peaceful surroundings just waiting to be explored, relaxed in the knowledge that you are as prepared as you can be for every eventuality.

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