Sunday Oct 02, 2022

Big-I, the lovable robot company that makes our family and take care of our home

If you’ve ever dreamed of having scampering home a robot – style swarming Star Wars saga may be reality sooner than you think. That’s the idea of Big-I, of NXRobo, a sort of distant relative of R2-D2 but the same principle of friendly and helpful. Based in Hong Kong, the firm Robotics has developed this […]

8 Tips for Using Facebook for Marketing

Facebook is the world’s largest online social community. Online Marketing through Facebook is becoming vital for the success of any business. Marketing activities on Facebook is like a complimentary gift for any website. The approach that you might already be applying on your site can be enhanced by repeating that on Facebook and capturing the […]

How Can Guest Blogging Help Your Business?

Looking to promote your business, website or blog? Consider guest blogging for well-known blog or website. Posting guest posts on a host site provides many benefits for both the host site and the guest blogger—as well as the browsers/potential clients who will stumble across your guest post! Guest blogging is becoming more and more popular […]

Appliances Home LCD TV

Color Television has indeed created a revelation in human life. It can be termed as the greatest invention of this century. TV offers immense benefits to people in all their walks of life, whether it is entertainment, education. Health, safety or security, TV plays a tremendous role in our day to day activities.  Due to […]

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