Sunday Oct 02, 2022

The obsession to achieve “success”: What is success?

One of the problems facing most companies is what I call “the myopia of success.” It is a contagious disease, in which the transmission vectors are social media and news companies and startups. It affects 8 out of 10 businesses and is characterized by an obsession with success … regardless that means different things for […]

Reasons to Trust a Courier With Time Sensitive and Valuable Deliveries

A courier is a great option for time-sensitive and valuable deliveries, as they provide secure shipping and tracking services. This makes them perfect for sending items such as sensitive medical specimens or legal documents. Couriers are experts at what they do and can ensure your packages arrive safely in less than 24 hours. Couriers can […]

The Importance of Building Services and Maintenance

Building services include plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems. Collectively, they are known as MEP services. These services can contribute to a building’s sustainability, energy use, and overall design strategy. In addition, they can be a critical component of design in certain types of building projects. As such, it’s important to choose the right provider when […]

In search of Glue.

Making two materials stick together has been the aim of many human endeavours. There are many examples down through the years. of attempts at creating an adhesive paste that could stick anything and everything. It was one of the many goals of the alchemist guilds, along with a mixture that could dissolve everything and a […]

Do you believe in the science fiction stories of Doctor Who and the Daleks

Go right back to the year 1965 and the classic, British science fiction film, Doctor Who and the Daleks was released onto our screens. Starring Peter Cushing as the dashing Doctor, with Roberta Tovey and Jennie Linden as his two granddaughters, Susan and Barbara. A young Roy Castle starred alongside Peter Cushing as Barbara’s boyfriend, […]

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