Wednesday May 18, 2022

Top 4 Things to Remember When Arranging a Stag Party

You have been selected as the best man in your friend’s wedding. Other than the responsibilities of providing the rings, getting his wedding dress ready and ensuring that the groom reaches on time. You also have the responsibility to arrange a wonderful Birmingham Stag Do,which your friends will remember for always. If you are not sure as how to plan a successful bachelor party, no problem, I will define you the things.

It has been finalized that you will arrange the bachelor party, but $ 1 million question is what to do? From where to start and what are the activities to be included in the party?

Possible Activities

As the groom has selected you as the best man because you are very close to him and understand his personality very well. You are fully aware of his like and dislike and that is why you can select the things according to his preferences. You have many options such as a night on the beach, a trip to a happening place. You can also arrange the party at your home or at the rented place.

It is your responsibility to decide what to do and make sure to take the consent of the groom. Remember this is the groom’s special day, so everything is supposed to be according to his liking.

Food and Drinks

Whenever we come together for any kind of celebration, food and drinks play a significant role. When you are hiring a caterer to provide the food, make sure the taste is up to the Mark. As you will not have any other chance to bring more food. Plan something, which you can afford as you have to pay for this.

Guest List

Make a guest list, which includes all the friends of the groom, school friends as well as colleagues. You can also ask the groom if he would like you to add somebody from the bride’s side. If he has a good acquaintance with the male relatives of the bride, then you can also call them to the stag party. After making the list show it to the groom and find out if you have not forgotten any of your old friends. Sometimes it happens that you have a close friend, but not seeing him regularly. As a result of which he goes out of mind, but you don’t mean to leave him.

Theme of the Party

Before the Birmingham Stag Do, let him know everything about the program. If he is not okay with those activities, which usually ends with stripping, then do not include stripping activity. This could bring uneasiness to your friend. If your friends are emphasizing for wild activities, then make your friends understand that the groom is not interested in that kind of stuff.

After all, this is his special evening that is why you have to include only those activities, which are approved by the groom.

While arranging the money for this evening you can also ask your friends to chip in and make this evening a hit. You are the best friend, so there is a great responsibility on your shoulders to make this night a memorable one. Stay active and stay in control till the party ends.

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