Monday May 23, 2022

4 Themed Movie Nights for the Family

Grab the popcorn and sodas, turn on the television, and gather the family around—it’s movie night! Here are four ideas that can take movie night from ordinary to extraordinary.

Star Wars: May The Force Be With You!

“Star Wars” has always been a fan favorite for theme parties, so why not make your “Star Wars” movie night memorable. Turn your living room or theater room into a “Star Wars” set, such as the Millennium Falcon. Grab a few lightsabers and have a mock battle during intermission or between movies if you’re having a “Star Wars” marathon.

Costumes are easily created or purchased, so there’s no excuse not to dress up for this movie theme night. In addition, whip up some Star Wars-themed foods such as Bobba Fettuccine, or maybe Tusken Raider Taters (potato gems). Make alien sauces with food colorings such as blue mustard or green ketchup for an extra special touch.

Enjoy a Favorite Holiday Movie

Imagine the memories that will be created when you have a family movie night during the holidays. Gather the entire family together to watch all your favorite Christmas movies and specials, such as “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” or “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

Dress up in your holiday best or even better, get the entire family warm and cozy pajamas for this special movie night. This time of year always has yummy goodies, so you’ll have plenty of festive cookies, candies, and cider for holiday munching.

Christmas in July or August, or Even September

For something a little different, consider a Christmas in July theme that follows the traditional Christmas movie theme. Hold this special movie event in July or another warm summer month, and go a little wild and dress up in summer clothes and enjoy holiday cheer. Wrap some twinkling holiday lights around your houseplants for that added Christmas look and feel! Have the family make some popcorn strings and create some handmade ornaments for even more holiday cheer.

Watch your favorite holiday-themed television shows on your DVR that were recorded during the regular holiday months. This is easy when using a DVR package such as those from You can have all your holiday favorites in your queue and ready to view any time of year.

Oscar Night, Complete with a Red Carpet

Roll out the red carpet for some Oscar night fun. No, really, roll out the red carpet! Deck out your family’s viewing area with a red carpet, dress up in your best, and enjoy the Academy Awards broadcast.

Make it fun and let the family vote on who they think will win the “Best Picture” and other categories. Hand out miniature Oscars to the winners.

Have some elegant snacks on hand including champagne for the adults and some sparkling cider for the younger set. You can all just imagine being at a pre-awards ceremony or celebratory after party.

Movie night with the family can be fun, festive, and entertaining. Choose one of these themes, or create one of your own and have some great family time.

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