Friday May 20, 2022

Best (and worst) times to visit the Caribbean

The Caribbean has what is arguably some of the most desirable weather in the world. Not known for extremely hot or cold temperatures, the weather is moderate all year around, you can be sure to spend your time in the beautiful Plus Size Dresses that you can purchase from specialyl for your trip. However, there are still some things to think about when deciding when to visit.

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December through April Is a Time-frame with Lots of Advantages

Some travel experts say the best time of year to visit the Caribbean is from December through April, especially when you’re visiting the northern Caribbean holiday destinations. During those months, the temperatures are comparatively cooler. It’s also less humid than other months of the year, and there is less rainfall.

Be Careful During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season officially happens from June to November in the Caribbean, and some travel experts warn that you may want to avoid traveling during those months. Keep in mind that hurricanes are unpredictable by nature and change their paths quickly. Statistically, during hurricane season, storms most likely occur in June and October, so those are considered by some people to be the worst times for Caribbean holidays.

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Some Times of the Year Have Cheaper Rates

You may find that late November to mid-December offer some of the cheapest rates during the year. May and June are also often characterized by especially reasonable prices. If you have ever wanted to stay in an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, research your options during those months in particular.

The End of the Year Attracts Fewer Crowds

If you’re not in the mood for fighting for a spot to spread your blanket out on the sand, plan your Caribbean getaway for the end of the year. Typically, November and December are when the Caribbean is not as crowded, so you may have an even more peaceful, picturesque experience.

Before finalizing your choice of when to visit the Caribbean, it’s a good idea to talk with several friends who have gone before, if possible. Ask them about their experiences and if they would have changed the time of year they traveled had they known better. Travel agents and personal research are good resources too. No matter what, don’t choose your timing in haste, and always remember that almost every month of the year has both pros and cons associated with it.

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