Monday May 23, 2022

 Car maintenance tips this winter

When summer arrives, we want to throw off the coats and scarves and get into light, casual clothes for the warmer months. It is a little bit like that for your car too – there are things you do to get it ready for wintry weather, and when the heat rolls around again, it is sensible to prepare your vehicle for that too, to guarantee that when you want to head to the beach or drive into the country for a weekend away, your car will be ready to get you there.

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Keep indoors

When it comes to your personal belongings we always put them indoors in the winter, out of the rain and out of the winter cold.  So why don’t we do that with our cars.  Some people are lucky enough to have a garage which they may of sourced from a Chelmsford Garage Doors company.  They have quality doors that will be suited to your needs and trained staff that will help you every step of the way.
Winter is over

Different sets of tyres for summer and winter are becoming more common, according to this report in The Telegraph. If snow tyres or other accessories were fitted for the winter, it is time to switch them. Also, check underneath the car for salt or grit that is sometimes used on icy roads. Clean this off, so it will not cause corrosion. Also check your tyre pressure. Changes in temperature can affect the PSI (pounds per square inch). Too little air could damage your tyres, or even cause a blowout.

Time for a change

Change the oil and the oil filter, and your cooler engine will thank you and run more smoothly. Look at your hoses, along with belts, to check that they are not cracked or about to fray. During hot months, stopping the engine from overheating is important. If the radiator hose bursts, water will spray everywhere and you will have to stop and wait for a mechanic. The air filter can also be full of grime by the end of winter, so get a new one and as a bonus, you will probably see your fuel economy improve.

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Checking car batteries is generally sensible too. Being stuck somewhere with a dead battery will destroy any summer cheer.

Summer is the time for fun and being sociable. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of it by looking after your car and ensuring it is primed to deal with the hot weather. That way, it will always get you to the barbecue or beach party.

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