Wednesday May 18, 2022

Defining the atmosphere with music

The music that is played in a Nightclub Cheltenham defines the atmosphere inside the club. There are many clubs that market themselves on playing a specific type of music. This may be on a permanent basis or they may have specific themed nights during the week and weekend.

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Music has the ability to transport us to another place and it has been noted that it can help lift your mood. The opposite can also be said. If you are already feeling a little low and you hear a piece of music on the radio that reminders you of a sad event or that perhaps has lyrics or a melody that evokes feelings of sadness in you, this will add to your negative mood.

The reason that music can have such an effect on us is that our olfactory system is closely linked to our memories and our emotions. When we hear a sound, whatever it is we can find ourselves transported back to when we were a child in the playground at school, or perhaps to a time when we were in hospital or to the first dance at our wedding. It is this pulling back to another period of time that then produces the emotional reaction in us as we recall how we felt the first time we heard the noise. These emotions can range from joy right through to sadness and even fear. It is the noises of gun shots and cars backfiring that can cause soldiers who have seen active service to experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder flashbacks.

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We can harness the power of music in a good way and this is what nightclubs and pubs intend on doing. They have a playlist of songs that evoke feelings of happiness and in some cases euphoria. When you couple this with alcohol, your friends and a dance floor you have the perfect recipe for creating some great memories. If you are then driving your car and the same song comes on the radio you will remember how you felt that night in that nightclub and will instantly remember its location. You may even find that you are drawn to arrange another night out at the same venue with your friends that weekend.

So next time you are dancing the night away with a group of your friends notice how the music is making your feel and you will find that those feelings are instantly recalled by your body next time the track plays on the radio.

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