Wednesday May 18, 2022

Different Types of Bathroom Sinks

Your bathroom sink is an essential part of your home. It might not be very exciting, expensive or particularly stylish, but it must be functional and fit in with ease. Of course, the aesthetics are important too. You don’t want an ugly bathroom suite. That is why there’s a whole industry dedicated to producing a wide range of designs and styles for you to find your perfect sink. If you’re going through a remodelling project or perhaps you’ve had an emergency and need a replacement sink asap – whatever your need, here are the different types available:

A Pedestal Sink

This is also referred to as a free-standing sink. Its benefits include needing little space, looking neat and contemporary and being a highly functional choice. There are many different designs, shapes and sizes available in the pedestal model, meaning you’re sure to find one that fits with your desired décor.

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A Free-Standing Vanity

A vanity is a combination of a vanity cupboard and a pedestal sink. The benefit with this piece of furniture is that you have space for your everyday toiletry items whereas you wouldn’t with just a pedestal sink. They still look great, are on trend right now, still offer space-saving benefits and are a good choice for a contemporary bathroom.

A Wall Mounted Sink

For a super contemporary look, a wall mounted sink looks incredibly stylish and modern, as well as saving a lot of space for smaller bathrooms. They are slightly more fragile and won’t live up to any force or impacts, but for an elegant grown-up bathroom design, this could be the choice for you. For Bathrooms Northern Ireland, visit

A Self Rimming Sink

These are also known as drop-in sinks and are installed to sit above the countertop. The rim has a rolled and finished effect and can be placed without having to replace or alter a countertop. They are available in a range of material so can be adapted for any style bathroom.

Under-mount Sink

These are a more unusual style of sink and look amazing and classy at the same time. They usually suit larger bathrooms as quite a lot of space is needed to install one. You will also need a countertop to fit the sink underneath and the countertop must be a hard material like granite or marble, making this choice a pricey one.

A Vessel Sink

This type of sink sits on top of a counter or can sometimes be set part-way into the countertop, known as a recessed installation. They are available in glass, stone, ceramic, plastic and many more.

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A Console Sink

Console sinks are wall-mounted but they also sit on 2-4 legs for additional support. The legs provide the ideal opportunity to install shelving and use the space for storage. Bear in mind that all plumbing and supply lines will be visible, so it’s a good idea to have matching taps for a smoother look.

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