Monday May 23, 2022

Find the perfect tenants with these steps

It can be daunting trying to find the ideal tenants for your property, especially if you’re new to letting. Here are some simple tips to help ensure you aren’t let down.

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Check whether they can afford it

This important step is overlooked surprisingly often. Your ideal tenant should be earning three times one month’s rent. This will allow them to comfortably afford the rent but also have plenty of wiggle room in the event of unforeseen expenses in the future.
Make sure the property is appealing

Do what ever you can to make sure the property is appealing to all ages by giving it a fresh look, doing any maintenance and advertising it well.  It is important that the house has no major issues like a leak or hole in the roof.  If this is the case with your home maybe contact a Gloucester Roofer at sites such as  They will be able to help you with any issues and give you a fair quote on the work needing to be done.

Are they legally entitled to rent in the UK?

This is another basic question to bear in mind. You could actually be fined if you rent to someone who doesn’t have a legal right to live here, so take this seriously. You should also remember that it is illegal to discriminate as a landlord on the grounds of religion, family status, disability, or nationality. The official government website has some great resources to help you determine right of residency. You can find clear instructions there on how to conduct a check.

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Are they easy to get in touch with?

You certainly don’t want tenants who ignore your calls or disappear from the face of the earth for long stretches of time. If prospective tenants are hard to get hold of and never return your calls or emails, cut your losses and find someone more reliable.

Do they understand and accept your terms?

If you specify no pets, for example, are they happy with this? Make sure tenants agree to all your terms before signing anything. This will avoid conflict and problems down the road. Check whether they are comfortable signing for inventory.

Do they have good references?

Check out references before proceeding any further. Look out for anything negative or ambiguous in references from former landlords. If someone was a genuinely great tenant, most landlords would be happy to make this clear.

Will they be able to stick to the agreed timescale?

If you want someone to move in right away, find out if your prospective tenants can do this. While delays will always happen, major changes in timescales aren’t always worth putting up with.


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