Saturday May 21, 2022

Getting the flat roof that you want.

You’ve got an extension planned and agreed. You know it’s finally going to be great that you get some space in the house and will allow for better access to the garden. The only thing you’re stuck on is what type of roof you’re going to put on it. The point of this article is to help you see what the option of a flat roof can give you.  A really good Gloucester flat roofing company can really help you sort one out but first let me give you a bit more information so you‘ll have a bit of knowledge before you decide.

The good news is that you are not actually going to get a flat roof. There are no flat roofs or if they are then they are next to useless as they will collect water like nobodies business. If they do collect rainwater, and let’s face it that’s a distinct possibility in the UK, then that could lead to damp starting to seep through the roof and into the plaster of the structure. That’s a costly job to replace and when you consider how cheap it is to actually install a flat roof properly it’s easy to see where the cost should go. The flat roof can become damaged by extremes of heat, but the amount that we get its unlikely that they will reach high enough to crack the membrane.  If that does happen it does need to be fixed quickly as the dread peril of moss and algae can get into the roof and cause lots of nasty damage.

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The roof itself is just slightly sloped. You’d never notice it if you were on it. It really just needs to be a few degrees up at one end for that nasty rain water to flow away somewhere useful, like guttering and water butts for you to use to water your plants. This acts like great space saver and a works really well on Garages and Extensions. In fact if you dig the foundations deep enough you could use it as a balcony!

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Cost is always a factor in these builds and the flat roof offers you the chance to save money and have a roof system that will enable you to know that you’re covered. The other alternative is the pitched roof option but if you go for that then the cost is really going to spiral up. The reason for that is simple. Whereas the flat roof system is easily attached to the ceiling joists as it comes a as big flat unit the pitched roof needs specialist expensive work to created it as it involves constructing loads of tiles and fitting them together.

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