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How to choose a hedge trimmer

There are many different types and brands of hedge trimmer to choose from, so picking the right one can often be a tough task.

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Questions to ask yourself

Before picking which hedge trimmer you will need, you should ask yourself a few questions:

– Can you stretch an extension cable from the mains to reach your hedges?
– How thick are your hedges?
– How long will it take to cut them?
– How tall are your hedges?
– Do you need to cut higher than you can reach?

For small hedges

For small hedges, you might only need a pair of hand shears. You could also use an electric head trimmer with a blade up to 45cm. An excellent example of this is the Bosch electric hedge cutter, which is great for giving you a precise cut.

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For tall hedges

If you have tall hedges, you should consider buying a long-reach hedge trimmer. This will enable you to easily cut at height without having to use a ladder, which can be dangerous when holding this sort of machinery. A good extended reach trimmer is the Flymo Sabre cordless hedge trimmer, which enables you to reach up to 3m.

For thick hedges

It is a good idea to use a double bladed trimmer for thick hedges, as this can cut through the dense hedges like a dream. The Mountfield double bladed hedge trimmer is a great example and is easy to start and very reliable.

For far away hedges

When there is no power source near to your hedges, you will need a cordless trimmer. This gives you the freedom to use it anywhere and move around quickly, as long as you remember to charge it up.

If your hedge trimmer breaks and you need spare parts or extra accessories, it is easy to find what you need online. Stockists such as sell a lot of trimmers and parts from different manufacturers, such as Flymo and Mountfield Spares.

New hedge trimmers can cost anywhere between £30 and £400. The cheapest models you can buy are corded electric ones; however, most cost more than £100, especially if you want a high-quality one. Petrol hedge trimmers are often the most expensive if you want to buy a good, reliable one.

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