Friday May 20, 2022

How to deter garden thieves

When it comes to theft, we often think of protecting our finances and the valuables inside our homes, rather than the slate, plants and furniture in our gardens. Research by the Home Office suggests that rates of garden furniture theft are in fact greater than thefts of bank cards. Follow these tips for securing your garden and preventing green-thumbed thieves.

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Protecting the perimeter of your property

Gravel on driveways can act as a good way of letting you know when someone is approaching your property. Low-level lighting and solar lights with motion sensors placed high up out of reach can act as both a deterrent and a warning for homeowners. An 18” trellis on top of a garden fence can have a similar effect.

As tempting as it may be, dangerous fence toppings like razor wire can actually land you in hot water should a thief injure themselves. Consider Prikka-Strip, hard rubber spikes that are legal, or naturally occurring prickly and thorny bushes and plants, such as pyracantha, American Pillar roses, holly and hawthorn.

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Protection for your much-loved possessions

Each phial of SmartWater contains a unique chemical and is ideal for labelling items, meaning they can be linked to the owner should they be stolen and recovered. The Telegraph reported a reduction in thefts of stone and garden furniture following West Yorkshire Police’s use of SmartWater There’s also the option of microchipping, a land anchor, or an alarm sensor that will sound should someone attempt to remove items from your property.

Your online data can be secured with endpoint security solutions from the likes of, but who can help guarantee the safety of your beloved gnomes and gardenias? Should the worst happen, it’s good to have peace of mind so ensure that your garden wares are included in your insurance cover.

Avoid giving thieves a helping hand

Skip tall shrubbery near your gate as this could give thieves extra coverage. Avoid leaving bins in sight for thieves to climb on them to scale the fence, or chain them up if necessary.
Store garden tools in the shed out of sight, but don’t assume that a simple padlock will easily deter would-be thieves. Use two locks on any gates and storage areas, ensuring both are sturdy and good quality.

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