Friday May 20, 2022

Rwanda facts you didn’t know about

Rwanda is a fascinating and beautiful country and a wonderful place to visit, whether for gorilla trekking or to see the impressive landscape features such as lakes and mountains. It is also a country that is often poorly-understood by us in the west. Here are six great things about Rwanda that you might not know:

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It is a very clean country

One thing that often strikes tourists about Rwanda is just how clean it is. There is very little litter there, in part because the country has a ban on plastic bags. If you bring plastic bags into the country, they will be shredded before you leave the airport.

It is full of hills

Rwanda is somewhat renowned for its beautiful hilly landscape; indeed, one of its nicknames is ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’. If anything, the estimate of a thousand is a woeful understatement, but it sounds nice for nickname purposes.

Tourism helps gorillas

A gorilla trekking holiday in Rwanda is much easier to book than you might think. Some people may wonder whether this is really good for the rare and beautiful animals concerned; in fact, gorilla trekking is carried out responsibly and tourism actually helps to conserve wild gorillas, with much of the money raised going towards this cause. If you have considered this then look at what hotels to stay in, check reviews and book your holiday.  When your there don’t worry as they might have an Inspection app which they may of sourced at links such as to keep track of guest check ins and outs, notes on maintaining communal areas and it will keep a detailed inventory of the belongings in the hotel.
More than gorillas

Speaking about gorilla trekking, while gorillas get most of the publicity there are other incredible primates to be found. Notably, the country’s rare golden monkeys are definitely worth seeing if you can.

The drinks are fantastic

Rwandan beer is great and a must-try for anyone with the slightest interest in beer. It is not just the alcoholic drinks that are excellent, with tea and coffee both major exports. The reason so many other countries are keen to buy these products from Rwanda is that the tea and coffee grown there is simply fantastic.

You can have a beach holiday there

Rwanda being a landlocked country and the idea of a beach holiday sounds absurd; however, some of the lakeside destinations – notably the impressive Lake Kivu – boast shorelines that could easily be mistaken for the sunny seaside. You might not want to base your whole holiday around the Rwandan ‘beaches’, but they can be a great place to visit.

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