Wednesday May 18, 2022

Six considerations when protecting business data

Data security has to be a top priority in many businesses these days, both due to laws and regulations and because of the risk of data theft and reputational damage. Security measures are needed, therefore, to protect digital and physical data on a daily basis.

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Recognise the need

It is vital to accept how important it is to protect business data and recognise the need for robust and comprehensive policies and practices.

Old digital hardware disposal

The launch of the GDPR during 2018 has meant that digital data security has never been more important. Read more about this at This extends far beyond simply making sure that online databases and accounts are maintained and protected. This means that it is vital to protect data in all sorts of different formats.

Policies must include things like dealing with digital equipment and hardware that is no longer needed. This includes old laptops and hard drives, which can hold lots of sensitive information and business data.

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Shredding documents

Whether you choose to use a professional confidential shredding service or opt to do it in-house, the importance of shredding cannot be underestimated.

Businesses should have a robust process that covers everything from document storage to archiving and destroying items. A regular shredding schedule should form a vital part of this process.

Don’t let documents build up

It can be tempting to leave documents lying around, whether that is in a physical sense or on your hard drives. You may think items are out of date and no longer important but these can provide a whole host of data if they were to fall into the wrong hands.

Monitor destruction processes

It is not enough to simply set up a process of document management and destruction. This also needs to be regularly monitored and changes made if and when they become necessary. This may mean increasing the frequency of your monthly shredding service from a company such as, or making document clear-outs part of workers’ day-to-day tasks.

Consider a professional shredding partner

In a busy business environment, shredding tasks can fall by the wayside, but this can be a costly mistake to make. Outsourcing the task can help you to stay compliant with the law and protect your business reputation without anyone having to be taken away from other core business tasks.

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