Saturday May 21, 2022

The Benefits of Baby Botox

One of the frequently asked questions about Botox is when the right time is to start having it. As long as the person isn’t too young, there is no recommended age and the choice lies with the customer.

Whether Botox is right for you depends on a few factors, such as your skin type, how much your skin has aged and what your hopes are. Many things affect the rate at which our skin ages, including whether we smoke, how much sun exposure we’ve had and genetics. Some ageing signs occur naturally over time, such as forehead lines, frown lines and fine lines appearing around our eyes as a result of facial expressions.

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The older we get, the less our skin produces collagen, so these lines don’t disappear but begin to become static and show whether we are laughing, frowning, smiling or raising our eyebrows. The fine lines become wrinkles and any treatment with Botox would be considered corrective and not preventative.

As with all health and beauty care, prevention is preferable to cure but there is often little that can be done to stop the march of time and the effects it has on our skin! For more information about Botox Gloucester, you can Get Botox Gloucester Treatments from Doctor Kate

It’s perfectly normal to feel a little apprehensive about a cosmetic treatment for the first time. However, it’s important to remember that you are highly unlikely to receive the media-portrayed ‘frozen face’ look because the results of Botox are dose-dependent.

Botox delivered in baby doses gives a far more natural look, allowing you to retain movement and look great. Choosing to have Botox administered in these ‘baby doses’ is a great way of preventing those facial expression lines from becoming permanent features in the form of wrinkles.

Botox can be combined with other anti-ageing treatments as well for even better results. Botox works on the muscles under the skin, not the skin itself. To improve the skin’s appearance even more, combine Botox with a skin peel to improve surface skin health and have the best of both worlds.

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An average Botox treatment will include 50 units of Botox, with the number of units indicating the strength of the treatment. The higher the number of units, the more nerves that are blocked off that are responsible for muscle contraction. A ‘baby dose’ will use about half this amount, which is normally an adequate amount to treat most facial lines and give a great result.

Baby dose Botox is suitable for anyone who has lighter lines or weaker forehead muscles. Smaller doses will work better in these cases. Remember that it takes around a fortnight for the benefits of Botox to really be seen but by having Botox administered professionally and in just the right places will help to create a youthful, more natural-looking appearance and prevent the muscles from producing the kind of wrinkling that otherwise might have become permanent.



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