Friday May 20, 2022

Why should you use natural remedies with your pets

You wouldn’t use products containing harsh chemicals could irritate the skin, or even worse cause a reaction, on yourself or a baby or child, so why use them on your pet? Similar adverse reactions to these chemicals can occur in animals as their skin can reacts badly to a chosen product; however, unlike humans, your beloved pets can’t always easily tell you when something is wrong.

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For this reason, it’s much better to be safe than sorry and stick to using natural remedies when treating your pets. Below are just a few reasons why you should stop using harsh chemicals, and start adopting natural solutions and remedies for your pets.

The environment

We know, we know: whatever you do, there will be someone screaming ‘but think of the environment!’ at you; however, in this case, it’s true. Whilst synthetic compounds can damage our wildlife and lead to the deterioration of the health of our planet, natural remedies do not have these nasty side effects.

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Less dangerous to your pet

Not only are synthetic treatments often harsh on your pet’s coat or skin, they can also sometimes be dangerous when ingested and could even potentially make your pet even more unwell. With natural components, this danger is avoided, as all the constituents of the treatment are safe for your pet to eat or lick to their heart’s content!


Following on from the above point, many synthetic medicines and ointments can cause irritation or can cause the flare up of allergies for your pet, leading to further problems. It is even thought that sweet itch in horses might be worsened by the use of synthetic remedies. Be sure to check out the horse tell tale signs of sweet itch – it may just convince you to make the switch!

Supporting small companies

Finally, natural remedies are often made by local or small companies, who handmake all their products with care. When buying chemical products, it is far more likely that they’ll have been made by a large chain or factory who put less care and love into what they are producing, and instead focus on the potential profit to be made. By buying natural remedies, you are effectively supporting smaller organisations and enabling them to continue making their product.

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