Monday May 23, 2022

Moving to the Country and Keeping Chickens

If you are considering upping sticks and moving to a more quiet and peaceful life in the countryside you have probably already considered everything – for example there a re many homes in the countryside which are not connected to a main sewer supply so you would need to enlist the services of someone like this septic tank emptying Solihull based company to help you.

Moving to the countryside also creates new opportunities such as keeping chickens – if this appeals to you, here are some of the things that you need to know before you embark on your new life with some feathered friends!

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You will need to invest in a really good chicken coop – this is important because as well as providing them with somewhere safe and warm to sleep and lay eggs, it protects them from the dastardly and cunning foxes which will certainly do their best to get to them so you really need to make sure that it is well secured and fox proof!

They need a constant supply of good quality chicken food and water, otherwise they can become a little bored and destructive, as well as developing anti-social habits such as feather pulling! So make sure that you always have a good supply of food – they can also be partial to some scraps such as green vegetables and leftover porridge!

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Before you go and buy some chickens do a bit of research on the different breeds as they can vary quite a lot and the eggs can also differ – if possible, see if you can sample the eggs of a few different breeds and see which you like best!

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