Friday May 20, 2022

Fleex or how to learn English by watching Netflix

It is essential to know languages to access certain jobs and that English has been chosen as a communication vehicle worldwide is a well known fact. A situation has also brought with it the emergence of new online methods to learn it, several schools and many more that you can imagine.

However, there are other more original options that allow you to learn the language and enjoy at the same time. A context that has no place Fleex, an application that although was lightened a few years ago, has now added a feature that will allow us to learn this language through Netflix, among others. But how?

Fleex or how to learn English by watching NetflixHow it works Fleex

Thus, under the promise that her “learning English is fun,” Fleex is an interesting solution when set us up “without dying in the attempt.” A service that will delight lovers of cinema and you can now use the popular streaming service. Of course, only the web version. Its operation is simple:

  • To start testing, yes, we will have to check in , something we can do through our Facebook account.
  • Then we will be asked to take a few moments to set up our own (you cannot). We introduce our occupation and native language, and select the level of difficulty. Also add the reason why we need to improve our English and the time and days of the week that we can spend.
  • Then we will be redirected to our home page, where we can already choose contents not only from Netflix, but also YouTube, TED or file video of our device. As for this first and although it already appears on the web as an option for those who have an account on the platform, we could not test it at the time of this writing.

However, integration, as confirmed by its creators to specialized environmentTechCrunch is now operational. One possible thanks to HTML feature Netfilx player that accepts extensions to complement the content shown. In any case, developers have also targeted the international expansion of Netflix as a key point.

“A few years ago, Netflix was not available internationally, but it is now quite open and can work with your player directly. Not an API but is open “, they have commented.

In general terms and to give you a composition of the web site, each episode has its title and description in English, but if you click on them, simultaneous translation is done. We must say that not all videos have subtitles in our language (that determines that we can jump from one to another), but we are warned that a priori. At the start we are offered, on the other hand, a guided tour to understand how Fleex works and we do not lose any features.

We are here explains the use that we can give the subtitles , which can change the level in the CC button on the bottom right, next to the language, the player, how to pause the video, and use that we will give emplaced arrows left and right and allow us to go forward or back to see what has been said.

When viewing also be the option to click on any word to hear, save or check its meaning.The same is true cliches.

The page also provides us achieve a record of exposure (minutes) to videos, the words that have pricked while playing them, a section of personal phrases and a reminder of the time set be willing to devote to the tool.

In the top of it you will find other sections with your videos, vocabulary and exercises, while at the bottom you will find frequently asked questions and support platform on grammar.

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