Wednesday May 18, 2022

The Worrying Rise of the Conspiracy Theorists

The last decade or so has seen science drop down in the public estimations – things that were previously taken seriously such as vaccinations has now started to be replaced with conspiracy theories and information being spread around social media as facts, which are not true and have no foundations in science.

This particular problem, with the people who shun vaccinations who are known as ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ has led to outbreaks of diseases like measles, which had previously been hugely reduced due to a successful vaccine programme.

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This ‘Fake News’ rise and the speed with which anything can be passed around social media, has seen all manner of seemingly bizarre and scientifically unfounded ideas take root in large parts of society  – from flat earth believers (yes really, people who believe that the Earth is flat) to people who believe that the moon landings were faked has spread worryingly quickly around the world.

People who work in science, however are needed now more than ever – from research scientists, to American lab relocation services to laboratory technicians – science is more essential than ever to combat two of the biggest threats to humanity – both the coronavirus pandemic and the global warming crisis.

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It is incredibly important that the human race starts to pay attention once again to the science, rather than the myths and untruths shared around on social media. Otherwise, we face an existential crisis that may mean in 50 years or so, there may not be much left of the human race, or our planet.

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