Friday May 20, 2022

Do you know how to choose the best comforter? Here are the keys

The cold has arrived. Suddenly, and almost without warning after these almost summery temperatures that we have had until nothing. The cold is especially noticeable at night. Nights in which you already need to wrap up with a good duvet.

And if you still do not have yours, or if you are thinking of renewing your bedding, here are some tips to get you the best comforter according to the manufacturer of rest products Tediber .

The materials. The quilts are usually filled with natural or synthetic materials. Natural fillings are usually made with mixtures of feathers and down, although we can also find them in wool or silk, although they are much less common to find.

These fillings are lighter, softer, and warmer. In addition, its properties of evacuation of moisture are better than those of synthetic quilts. Of course, they are usually slightly more expensive, but have a longer lifespan, since they can last between 10 and 15 years.

On the other hand, synthetic fillings are made from polyester fibers and, although they are considerably cheaper, their useful life is also smaller, since they usually last around 5 years. In addition, at the present time we also find quilts made with both materials in the market to obtain all the benefits of both fillings.

The grammage Thanks to the weight we can make the idea of ​​heat and quilt quilt. Normally, it ranges between 175 and 500 g / m², and the choice will depend on the temperature of your room.

On the one hand, light quilts (between 175 and 250 g / m²) are perfect for temperatures between 18 and 22º. The medium quilts (between 300 and 350 g / m²) are ideal for temperatures ranging between 15 and 18º. And warm quilts (between 400 and 500 g / m²) are recommended for rooms with a temperature of less than 15º.

In addition, there are also quilts for all seasons, which are actually two quilts joined by brackets: one fine for summer and one medium for colder seasons.

The cover . This element is essential when choosing a quilt, since in addition to its aesthetic part, it has the function of preventing the down or fibers from leaving the Nordic. A cotton cover will allow adequate comfort of the comforter and, as a result, will not retain moisture. If you chose a natural filling, a percal cotton cover will be the best option.

The stitching. Normally, at the point of stitching almost nobody gives importance. But it is also another key detail, as the stitching prevents the heat from dissipating. In the case of a nordic with natural filling, the stitching in the form of parceled squares will be the best option as it will provide a uniform distribution of the filling in the duvet cover. In contrast, for synthetic quilts, the best will be a capitone stitching, as it will improve the thermal insulation and quilting of the nordic.

Measures . This is another one of those questions that almost everyone asks when buying bedding. Will this measure for the bed? To choose the quilt, it is best to have a margin of 30 to 50 centimeters on each side of the bed. As an example, if we have a mattress of 150 we will need a Nordic 240 x 22 cm.

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