Monday May 23, 2022

Getting Your Backyard Ready for the Warm Weather

It seems like the warm weather is finally here to stay, which means that homeowners everywhere can now start prepping the backyard for the many outdoor activities to come. Whether you want to use your outdoor area for working on your tan or sizzling some burgers on the barbecue, these five tips will help you revamp your space for summer.

1. Seating

Having an outdoor seating area can allow you and your guests to feel more comfortable lounging outdoors, but you want to make sure you don’t overwhelm your space with too many seating options. Look for reasonably-sized sets that include a small bench, a small round table and two chairs. For big families or avid entertainers with limited space, it might be better to install long benches around the patio to accommodate plenty of people without cluttering up your space. And if you have a few mature trees close together, add a hammock for a truly relaxing place to read a book or catch a nap.

2. Lighting

The sun may be shining more often during the summer, but those warm summer nights could be hazardous without proper lighting installed around your backyard. Small flood lights directed toward the patio can keep this spot brightly lit during outdoor evening dinner parties. Pathway lighting is another great way to brighten up your space. Consider decorative options like tiki torches, or practical options like bug-repellent lights.

3. Shading

When the sun is out in full force, you’ll need a shaded area to keep you and your guests covered and comfortable. A gazebo or pergola can be a comfort-enhancing addition to your patio area, and can provide support for climbing vines and decorative hanging baskets. For a simpler and more economic shading option, choose an outdoor table with an umbrella for adjustable coverage.

4. Decorating

Fashion and function can go hand-in-hand with your outdoor space when you start with a design in mind. Take advantage of the natural decorating power of flowers, plants and trees by starting with a landscaping plan, and complement your natural color scheme with patio furniture cushions, elegant outdoor statues and painted potted plants. Iron art and stone figurines can also be fun, weather-resistant additions to your outdoor decor. If you don’t have a green thumb, pick low-maintenance, hardy plants.

5. Add-ons

Bonuses make your patio much more appealing because they provide more entertainment options and special features. A hot tub is one popular patio add-on that can be used year-round for a relaxing and romantic evening soaking outdoors. A patio bar that improves your backyard can also be an exciting addition, turning your outdoor space into a tropical island getaway.

The summertime comes with more opportunities to explore the outdoors away from home, but it’s always nice to enjoy the fresh air and the warm sun right in your own backyard. Upgrading your patio can make this natural environment more inviting, so you can step outside of the house more often without compromising your comfort. Incorporate these five tips as you prepare your yard for summer, and spend the season soaking-in the results.

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