Wednesday May 18, 2022

Parts of your Home to Focus on When it Comes to Keeping the House Warm

During the winter we all want a snug and warm home to enjoy where we can shut the wintery weather outdoors where it should be! But if you are feeling the chill and want to save money on your heating bill, here are a few ways that you can make your home warmer this winter…

Your Boiler – The heart of the heating system in your home, if your boiler is not working as efficiently as it could be it could be costing you money as well as failing to do its job! A modern boiler could save you a fortune on your heating bill, just make sure that you get it installed by a professional such as this boiler installation Cheltenham based company HPR Services.

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Your Windows – If your windows are draughty, you might want to look into getting them replaced, but there are many other ways that you can stop the heat escaping through windows. Insulating your windows can be done with tape, as well as special blinds that can keep the heat from escaping.

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Your Doors – Internal doors should be kept closed, especially as there may be rooms in the house that you are not using. Your front door may well be losing heat through the letter box or a pet door if you have one so have a look for some special insulation brushes to keep the cold out and avoid any draughts getting through these parts.

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