Sunday Oct 02, 2022

Three Ways to Protect your Home Whilst you Are on You Summer Holidays

Summer is coming and for many of us that gives us something to look forward to – summer holidays! Unfortunately, this also provides an opportunity for burglars who will often relish this time of the year to break into your home and make off with your treasured possessions. Ensuring that your home is burglar proof will give you added peace of mind when you go on holiday – here are a few tips to help you before you head off on your hols…

Be Careful who you tell – social media is great in many ways and can be a useful part of modern life – however, something to be aware of is the fact that if you have proudly put your holiday plans and photos all over Facebook and Instagram, you could be attracting attention of the wrong kind. Burglars will often use this as a way to work out houses that are empty and therefore you could be putting your home and possessions at risk when you do this. So as tempting as it might be to share a selfie from a scenic beach, it is best not to!

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Secure your Outbuildings – As well as your home, you should pay attention to the security of your outbuildings. Sheds and garages are often overlooked by homeowners when it comes to security and therefore are seen as a weak spot by burglars looking to take advantage. Get some secure garage doors from a specialist like this garage doors Gloucester based supplier, for your garage. When it comes to your shed, ensure that you use a good quality locking system that cannot be easily cut off by thieves.

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Protect the Garden – Your garden is another place where a criminal may gain entry to your property. Gardens tend to be less seen than the front of the home, so it is a popular way of avoiding detection. Make sure that your fences are all secure and strong, repair any weaknesses and gaps in the fence before you go away. You can also use spiky plants and bushes around the perimeter of the garden to make it complicated and painful for people to easily climb over the fence and into your garden. Rose bushes and plants like holly and blackthorn are pleasant to look at as well as providing you protection.

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