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Internet Marketing: 10 Tips to attract visitors and customers to your website

Internet Marketing

There are billions of pages on the Web and are created every day thousands more. There is no point having a website if no one visits. The creation and online is only the first step. The following is drive traffic to your Web site, and especially those who you consider your target market. To achieve this we offer the following tips.Internet Marketing

1. A Web site that retains visitors

The first principle for its efforts to attract visitors to your web site bear fruit is that it meets the basic requirements so that they cannot go forward frustrated without finding what they want. Once your site is able to retain its visitors rather than scare them away, it’s time to figure out how to attract more visitors, not before. If you overlook this step, you will not get them to visit again. There is no worse negative publicity that visitors upset.

Therefore, a Web site should be:

  • Quick to download
  • Nice to see
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Be consistent with your theme and objective
  • Easy to find again

To learn more about designing a site with these characteristics can see 10 tips for the design of your website

2. Offer something of value to your visitors

Do not just offer the products or services you want to sell. The most popular sites are those that offer some kind of free content that visitors can use, so it is simply useful for the type of target audience information.

Think about what you can give to your visitors and do not hesitate to offer it to drive traffic to your site. Make sure that your free service is closely related to what you sell, so that attracts visitors who are good prospects client. Not always resort to offer should be on your own website, you can also provide links to other sites for that, but should be careful not to send their visitors outside before taking time to browse your own site.

For example, you can offer a small free directory; you can be electronic books, newsletters, websites, etc. If people find your directory as interesting as visit again and again, you can produce and give your visitors a free e – book, you can include your advertising motivate people to give it away or distributed freely. Also can offer online seminars or free lectures, this is of interest to many people and gets a good number of visitors. In addition, pods consolidate as an expert in your area.

In fact, the marketing strategy in many sites found on the Web is presented primarily as a provider of free content.

3. Optimize your site, please register and position in major search engines

Today, most Internet users look for what they need using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, AOL Search, Excite, Lycos, Infoseek, HotBot, Ask Jeeves and WebCrawler. These search engines offer search results based on the words that the user has provided. If your website contains keywords in relevant places, has a good chance of appearing on the list of the top sites referred by the search engines.

Therefore, you should choose the keywords that you think your target market will use in search engines. The most important should be placed in the title of each page, another in the first part of the home page and in other segments of the pages of gathering information search robots, such as META tags and hyperlinks and Header. For example, Google might expect a density of up to 2% in the body of the text to a word that should qualify high, so not to pass that limit.

Experts recommend designing several Web pages to host content with different keywords, instead of including them all on the home page. A good web designer knows how to place them for maximum benefit of search engines. This is called optimize the site.

Build each page of your site keeping in mind the behavior of search engines. Avoid or keep to a minimum the use of -frames- frames, Java Script menus and Flash and dynamically generated pages thus hinder or prevent proper indexing of pages by search engines.

Once the initial optimization, you must register the site with the major search engines so that they can easily find it. Is a waste of money to pay for someone to register your site to hundreds of search engines, just do it in the most important?

To get your address appears in one of the first places where the potential visitor performs a search; you need to continue optimizing the site, based on analysis of user behavior, the words they use for searching, and the behavior of search engines. Therefore, optimizing the site to position it in the top of the lists is not something you do once, but on a regular and permanent. A good positioning will result in a greater volume of traffic to your website.

4. Add a link to the web page on social networks

If you are present in a social network, adds a note about your new website including a link. The most important for most businesses social networks are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Likewise, on the website you should put a link to the page for each social network.

On Facebook can create a page for your business, in addition to your own personal page. From ah, you can publish content pages that link to your website.

5. Register your Web site portals, directories and specialized databases

This strategy can help you attract your website visitors that you care. Some search engines listed in their search results to thematic portals, business portals, and sites that focus or strengthen information and links to other related words used in search sites.

More experienced users tend to use the portals and directories before they visited safer to find what they want, especially if they engage in a specific business. For example, a trader materials for footwear that has been used for a while the Internet to buy or sell their products, has certainly visited and collected information on the most important Web sites for your business and visit recurrently to learn the latest news in that field.

It is important that you register your web site portals, directories and specialized databases in the course of business, because that way get them to visit people who are looking for something that you can offer. Registration in many of these sites is free, although there are also paid. It is also desirable to register your site with Open Directory Project, which provides content to the major search engines as well as Google and Yahoo Directory Directory, which are directories that include all categories of sites.

6. Use the basic means to publicize your website

Send an email to all your contacts and customers informing them of the address of your website. Include a brief description of real benefits that can offer use. Likewise you can use conventional mail. Someone had the idea of sending postcards to customers with their new Internet address.

Also use the phone, only this time make sure that your partner may have pen and paper handy to write the address of your website, and that probably will because it has offered some advantage when visiting your site.

the address of your website should be written in the same places where is your phone number or address of your company in the cards, in letterheads and envelopes, in signing email messages, in the main label business and internal markings inside the company, company vehicles, in brochures, catalogs and advertising in newspapers and magazines, billboards , posters, advertising gifts, etc.

7. Email Marketing

Provide useful information for their combined with some promoting their products or services to customers via email. Set a newsletter or magazine for free distribution with information of interest to your customers and use its Web site to register those who voluntarily choose to provide your email address to send them information. Remember that sending unsolicited messages email is considered spam and may block your access to email servers..

The direct marketing companies have developed Internet mailing lists with specific interests -people who have agreed to receive messages you can rent noncommercial and use for your marketing campaign. It is advisable to first take a test to verify the usefulness of such lists.

Use a promotional sticker on your email. In each e-mail message that you or your staff send a short description of your product or service it should automatically be included.

Use E-mail auto responders, they will help to collect email addresses for future use.

8. Link exchange

Links from other Web sites attract traffic to your site. Since Google and other major search engines consider the number of links to your site as an important factor to qualify, more links will help you be in a higher position in search engines. Links can be in the form of text or graphic banners.

Look for sites that complement yours and ask to exchange links. Develop a page for links placed so that visitors do not send out faster than entering your site. You can also use the services of specialized Web sites provide links between sites. Take any directory that is free where you can put a link to your website.

9. Paid ads search engine

Based on the pay per click system, these ads are placed to the right of search results for the keywords you define. The main providers of this service are Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing, although there are other less cost as FindWhat and Kanoodle.

The system pay per click, also called sponsored ads, can be an effective means of attracting qualified visitors to your site once you have learned to handle it.

10. Other important tips

  • Include inviting visitors to store the address of your Web pages in the favorites menu of your browser for later use online.
  • Include a means to invite the visitor to inform, recommend or send the page to a friend.
  • Put in a very visible place links to your contact page.
  • Analyze statistics of visits to your site pages. They will provide useful information about the origin and behavior of its visitors.
  • Start a blog related to the topic of your page. If you offer good content on a regular basis, you get more links to your site.
  • Promote your site in online forums. In Google Groups and Yahoo Groups you can find many forums, blogs, discussion lists and Usenet groups devoted to specific topics. Do not open your business propaganda, it is not the aim of these groups and will be penalized. Participate constructively promote and let the discreetly make your signature at the end of your email messages.
  • Provide mechanisms for visitors to express themselves and feed back with opinions about your site, products or services. Think about the usefulness of an online survey.
  • Avoid using frames -frames- in the design of your site, as they cause difficulties for search engines.
  • Minimize the use of Flash and complement their menus Flash or Java Script with simple HTML language menus for the same reason.

This is not exhausted all the means you can use for marketing on the Web. However, it is almost all types of Web site can use. Most are basic and essential, and will help you start. Else it is say that you should invest time to adapt these strategies to their own market.

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