Saturday May 21, 2022

Why Safe Sex is Important With Teens

It can be hard to talk to children about sex, but it is imperative that you explain to them why safe sex is important. This helps them understand how much better their health is in fact with abstinence and that it is not cool to have sex. Help them learn to think of sex in a different way. Increase their understanding by talking about other safer sex techniques, like safe internet use and smart pills. Explain how condoms work and how they reduce the risk of getting sexually transmitted infections.

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Be specific in asking questions; ask them what they would do if they met someone who was an infected carrier, like their boyfriend or their sister’s boyfriend. Explain that if they had sex with this person, it could make them at risk for getting sexually transmitted infections. Ask them about stichting, which uses a ring worn around the wrist to test for genital warts. Tell them that stichting does not protect against all STIs, but it reduces the risk to anyone who has one and also works on testing for genital warts. Explain to adolescents that they can also get an HPV infection through oral sex and that it is just as risky.

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When you talk to adolescents, keep the topic open and realistic. Do not scare them about contracting sexually transmitted infections by telling them it will kill them or make them sick. Tell them that most STIs will not kill a person immediately, but it can cause symptoms such as pain during sexual activity, itching, burning, and a discharge. It is important to tell about Chlamydia Testing Kits London companies such as that send kits out to your home for you to complete and send back.  Make sure you are also explaining that the only way to feel protected is to use a condom, and that you encourage their use. When you combine the topic of safe sex education with discussion you can help adolescents understand the risks of sexual activity, and they will be more likely to engage in it.

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