Wednesday May 18, 2022

A beginner’s guide to boiling water taps

Boiling water taps are a popular alternative to kettles and are viewed as convenient and, importantly, they can even help to keep electricity bills down.

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In this article, we take a brief look at boiling water taps.

How do they work?

Similar to an electric shower, water for the tap comes from the mains and is heated by an element to provide on-demand hot water. There are a variety of models to choose from – if you need advice from plumbers Dublin is home to a range of professionals. You can choose from stand-alone variants, 3 in 1 taps and even 4 in 1 varieties which have a filtering system installed in them.


Many plumbers and installers such as – recommend boiling water taps. The benefits include reduced power consumption versus boiling a kettle, costing around 3 pence a day, the equivalent of boiling a kettle twice daily. Other benefits include using just the right amount of water – economically more viable – and space saving in your kitchen.

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Boiling water taps aren’t cheap; the initial outlay may well run into hundreds of pounds; indeed there are some on the market with a £1000 price tag depending on the brand you choose. There is also the cost of installation to consider which again may be higher than you might think, as it requires more time and skill than fitting an ordinary run of the mill tap. It’s also worth considering the costs of maintenance as filters need regularly changing and limescale build-up will need to be dealt with to ensure the tap works efficiently.


There are models choices on the market; our advice is to do your homework. Firstly, you need to be aware of electrical supply requirements; in a kitchen you may or may not have a conveniently located power supply and may require the services of a qualified electrician as part of the installation. All of the models on the market are subject to rigorous quality certification so safety should not be an issue.


Once you’ve purchased your new tap, it’s time to get it installed. Our advice is to make sure you do your research and engage a reputable plumber. It will need to be installed professionally and expertly to ensure that it is safe and useable.

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