Wednesday May 18, 2022

Adding value to your home is important

Whether you are looking to sell your property through a Letting Agents Cheltenham company found at sites like  in the near future, or are simply curious about which improvements are financially viable for you, there are several key things you can do to help boost the value of your home.

Some require very little financial outlay, others could involve a hefty investment, so before you spend too much seek expert advice to make sure you will add enough value to make it worth it. In some cases, of course, this may be more about boosting your property in a crowded market than making a profit on the work carried out.

  • Clean, paint and update the front of your property

You only have one chance to make a good first impression so clean windows and paintwork. An attractive, well fitting front door, tidy garden and well-maintained guttering come together to make your place look neat, cared for, and much more buyable.

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  • Convert your loft

It’s pretty easy to double the investment made in a quality loft conversion, as the extra bathroom or bedroom you create will make your house very attractive to buyers – ( Don’t be tempted to cut corners though as it should be easily accessible, well designed and fit with the general look of the property. An average of 10-12% added value is considered fair for an extra bedroom in the loft space.

3) Organise the garden

What makes a garden attractive is very much based on individual tastes and opinions, but in general, by creating an organised, neat, easy to maintain garden, preferably with decking, you have the best chance of increasing the overall value of your property.

4) Replace the windows

Badly fitting, old fashioned or simply unflattering windows are a major turnoff to buyers, so an easy way to boost your potential selling point figure is to replace them with a well designed, more suitable alternative. Some companies are able to advise on the best windows for a property either before or after it has been placed on the market.

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There are lots of ways to add value to your property, but by starting with the most lucrative you can increase the chances of getting a better rate of return on your investment of both time and money.

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