Saturday May 21, 2022

Ahmedabad – The Gujarati Way Of Life In A Modern City

An old historic city built up into a fine city of today and now the commercial hub for the powerhouse state of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is now known all over India as a major city and also over the world mainly for being home to one of the best business schools in Asia Pacific region. With a staggering population of over 6.5 million of which consists a good number of students and working professionals which makes it the sixth largest city in India.

Ahmedabad is not mainly considered a tourist destination, but it is a place with abundance of outsiders. Some coming for sightseeing, some to experience the culture and tradition of Gujarat while some to study in the Universities and colleges in India which are some of the best India. And while the huge number of students come with their family it makes it a very convenient bonus holiday trip for the entire family and Ahmedabad a pretty packed city during the time of college admissions. So much so that you may even need to book a hotel in advance if you choose to stay in the main area. You could easily check the Ahmedabad hotels list online and check the listing for the area you prefer and check for availability. While on your stay there you could visit various places of interest. This city has a long line of history coming and it is clearly seen through its old British colonial styled and Parsi buildings prevalent in the city. Some of the Universities are built upon such exquisite architecture adding a charm to the whole place. Ahmedabad is also a gastronomic paradise. The Gujaratis have a sweet take on food and so their food also mostly taste sweet. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the heaven on earth you have been searching for your entire life. The Gujaratis are also vegetarian making it hard on the meat eaters to survive there. Although with the advent of international food chains like KFC, Dominos, Pizzahut, McDonalds, etc., there is ‘some’ meat you could find in this part of the land, but it still is very scarce and you will have to put up with the other delicious veggie delicacies.

Ahmedabad is also well connected, with its own railway station and airport, serving both domestic and international. What even makes it better is it has luxurious hotels near Ahmedabad airport. For instance, Gateway Hotel, formerly called Taj Residency, is located only a few minutes away from Ahmedabad’s international and domestic. It offers warm hospitable service and top notch facilities. A stay which makes your stay not only convenient but also comfortable.


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