Friday May 20, 2022

Answering those difficult divorce questions

No one wants to think about their relationship ending in divorce. But the reality is that numerous relationships will fail and will result in the couple seeking advice from Family Law Solicitors Gloucester way to help with the breakdown and ultimate ending of their relationship. It is a process that is fraught with many different emotions and there are some common concerns that seem to appear across the board when couples separate and embark on the divorce journey.

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  1. Finance – this is usually the leading concern for most parties involved in divorce. Whether it is one partner worrying whether they will be able to afford to pay maintenance for their children or another partner worrying about how they find a place to live, ultimate finances come into almost all aspects of the divorce process. Mutual agreements can be reached between parties but it is important that this is drawn up into a legal document to protect both individuals going forwards.
  2. Assets – another troublesome area is looking at how gets to stay in the family property and how assets from the home and any cars, saving etc are split. The starting point for most solicitors is a 50/50 split, this may then be adjusted based on the reasons behind the divorce and any further information that may be gathered. For example if one person paid for the entire deposit on the joint home from money they had saved prior to the relationship starting, they may want this to be factored into the settlement amount

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  1. Children – this is often the most emotive subject and is dealt with by family solicitors in a very sensitive manner. A decision will be made that is ultimately in the best interests of the children and may include who the children will live with permanently and any access arrangements that are made. Again a mutual agreement
  2.  can be reached with parties that can put their own feelings and disagreements to one side and focus on what is best for the children.

There are many more areas that need to be discussed during divorce proceedings but these three are the ones that often create the most anger, frustration, fear and sadness and will often be at the forefront of most people’s minds. It is for this reason that where possible a solicitor should always be used when looking to dissolve a marriage to ensure that both parties are treated fairly and the individuals can move on with their lives in the best way possible.

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