Saturday May 21, 2022

Benefits of a Clean Desk Policy

What is this policy? If this is unfamiliar to you, it relates to instructions to staff about how they must leave their workstations at the end of each day. Employees can feel that additional tasks are not needed and don’t want to do anything else before clocking off. However, there are tons of advantages to having a cleaner, more organized workspace for both staff and the company as a whole.

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Make your workspace safer

Allowing documents to be left out can put your business in a perilous position. If there is confidential information, then allowing it to be seen could leave companies at risk of data theft or violation of information security.

Compliance issues

In the UK, the Data Protection Act requires that all personal information is kept secure. If businesses do not secure their information, they are at risk of being prosecuted or fined. If you need help with cleaning to achieve a clear desk policy, contact Office cleaners City Of London at a site like Classic Cleaning, a supplier of Office cleaners City Of London

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Become more efficient

Research has shown that employees spend two hours a day on average just looking for information. Consider if a clear desk policy can help your employees to be more efficient and organized. Perhaps a shift to more digital work can avoid the need for the storage of so many documents?


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