Wednesday May 18, 2022

Implementing a clear desk policy

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If you are fed up of seeing papers, documents and rubbish littered over the Next day delivery office desks that you bought for your company then you might want to think about implementing a clear desk policy. This will benefit your company in many ways including making it easier for your staff to find items, easier to comply with GDPR and better for productivity and office morale. Here is a quick guide to the best ways to set this policy in place.

  • Consult with your staff – when you first think about putting a new policy in place it is important to get buy in from your existing employees so discuss your plans with them and explain how it is going to benefit them and the business.

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  • In writing – have your new policy put in writing and sent out to all your existing staff members as well as ensuring that it is discussed in any new employee induction processes and annual reviews.
  • Storage – make sure that you give your employees enough storage for all their items and this may include increasing your online storage if you are thinking about going completely paperless.
  • Random checks – in order to ensure that your new policy is being adhered to, you may want to conduct random checks to make sure that it is being followed and gently remind those that are ignoring its requirements.
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