Saturday May 21, 2022

Bring Your Deck to Life Just in Time for Spring

A good deck can be a great asset for your home, serving as a versatile outdoor venue for hosting get-togethers throughout the spring, summer, and fall. It’s also a nice respite from the rest of your home and the chaos of daily life. Fortunately, some simple upkeep and additions can extend the life and vitality of this outdoor feature, and there’s no better time to do it than when the spring season approaches. Here are some tips to help bring life to your deck and make it your favorite part of your home.


Dirt and grime can accumulate over the course of a winter. If left alone, this grime can penetrate your deck’s sealant and damage the wood, not to mention create a slippery surface that could put some people in danger. The best way to clear off this layer of filth is to take a power washer to your deck. The high-pressure water will blast away any lingering deposits. It might also be wise to power wash your patio furniture since these items can also get dirty over time. Wash any outdoor furniture cushions to remove dust and the potential for mildew and mold that can thrive in upholstered materials.

Installing plants

While many homes incorporate bushes, flowers, and greenery into their landscaping, it’s common to have plants featured on your deck. Consider adding potted plants around the perimeter of your deck or outlining your deck space with flower beds and planters that fill your space with vibrancy. Integrating perennial plants into your space will bring life to your deck area year after year.


An outdoor firepit is a low-cost installation that can change the feel and ambiance of your outdoor space. The warmth and glow of afire is a welcoming addition to any outdoor gathering. If you don’t want to set a pit directly onto your deck, you can set it in your backyard and still enjoy its appearance from your seat. Fire pits make your yard more enjoyable and usable during cool nights and as the summer gives way to fall.

Hot tub

Decks can take on a whole new dimension when hot tubs are installed. A hot tub is a fun, relaxing feature that can be fitted comfortably onto a large deck space, giving a source of entertainment all throughout the year. A hot tub is similar to a fire pit in that you’ll gravitate toward it when temperatures drop, enjoying the outdoors while immersed in warmth. There are a variety of hot tubs available, so it’s easy to find one that suits your needs in size and price.

By prepping your deck for spring and the warm months ahead, you can get the most use out of this space while caring for it over the long run. Your deck is an incredibly functional space, and with a few added features it can be transformed into the perfect spot for hosting and relaxing for years to come.

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