Friday May 20, 2022

How Are Hot Tubs Built?

Do you ever wonder how an Edmonton hot tub is built?  It’s a complex set of components that comes together to create one of the most relaxing devices ever crafted.

A hot tub usually has a wood or fiberglass exterior, though wood is not as commonly used anymore. Redwood or cedar were the woods often used, making a wood hot tub smell really good, too.

The hot tub is either set in the ground or it sits on a platform of concrete or wood above ground.  An above ground one can also be set on a deck so it’s easy to access from the house, making it handy on even the coldest winter days to head out for a good soak.

There is also a cover that keeps bugs and leaves from getting into your investment and that will also shelter it from damaging UV rays.

The interior is arranged in such a way as to have benches and seats at varying heights so anyone can use the hot tub.  Interiors are made from a solid fiberglass usually with an acrylic on the guest side.  Alternatively, the acrylic liner is fused with a durable ABS plastic. The acrylic can be made to look like marble or it can have other lovely finishes.

Vinyl is used on soft-sided tubs, but it is not as durable and will suffer from solar damage and chemical stains more easily.

Between the walls and the interior is the piping that brings the water in from the filter and connects to the jets.  Above ground hot tubs have anywhere from 30 to 70 jets, while in ground ones have much fewer – around 5 to 15. Many hot tubs can actually be filled by a garden hose so you don’t have to run any pipes from the house out to the hot tub itself.

A filter is included in the plumbing components to keep the water clean and clear.  Air blowers come on some models to help keep all of the lines clear and to keep water from backing up and causing the ground fault interrupter to trip.

Heaters located in the space between the interior and exterior will warm up the water to the perfect temperature, typically between 100 and 105 degrees.  Each model is a bit different, as some maintain a constant temperature while others need to be preheated before you can get in.

There are optional lights you can get to illuminate your hot tub with colored lenses you can add to the light covers that will change the color scheme completely.

Caring for the hot tub requires a good brush to clean off any water minerals that might build up, then a follow up with a good waxing. Thankfully World Of Spas has all the products for you.

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