Wednesday May 18, 2022

Do you want to go Back to the Future with Marty McFly?

Time travel! Is it possible?  Many classic films have successfully in-cooperated the theme of “Time Travel” and probably none more so than the American, Science Fiction, smash hit movie series, “Back to the Future”.  Starring Michael. J. Fox as seventeen-year-old Marty McFly who befriends the eccentric Scientist “Doc Emmett Brown” and then travels back in time in a specially adapted “DeLorean” car.  Marty ends up back in the year 1955 and meets his “Mother” Lorraine, then a young, single flirtatious girl at their family home, sitting on the Verandas Stratford Upon Avon, supplied by a company such as

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Complicated twists and turns see Marty plot for his future Mum and Dad, flirtatious Lorraine and wimpy George to meet and fall in love by persuading a reluctant George to stand up to his nemesis, bully “Biff Tanner” at the School dance.  He then manages to track down the young “Doc Brown” and convinces him that he has travelled from the future.  “Doc” rigs up the town, Clock Tower to an electrical circuit and when an expected bolt of lightning strikes the tower the “DeLorean” with Marty safely inside it, is sent “Back to the Future”!

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When Marty arrives back in 1985, he discovers a completely different, now confidant dad, George and loving Mum, Lorraine because of the way George had stood up to bully “Biff Tanner” at the dance.  At the end of the film the “Doc” arrives and warns Marty and his girlfriend Jennifer that there is a major problem in their futures and they have to travel with him immediately into that future to resolve it!

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