Saturday May 21, 2022

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Even though recovering data is a crucial need, there are still very few people who would want to spend money to get the job done – unless the files lost are something very important and worth way more bucks than the price of data recovery software. However, the developers of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard knew what people want and came up with one a solution that’s currently ranked one of the best in the market. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is easy to use and free data recovery software that can retrieve deleted data from any storage devices like a hard drive, or USB flash drives, memory cards or SSDs.

Features in the Free Edition

The free edition of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard gives you access to almost all features that the paid one provides. The only limitation is the restriction on file capacity you can recover. With the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free version 5.01, you can recover up to 1 GB of file. More recovering more files the user needs the paid version of the software. The counting keeps running so after recovering data every time the amount gets less.

Recovering files is only possible when the files had been deleted in a normal way. Files that were deleted using some sort of safe deleting software can’t be recovered.

Pricing for the Paid Version

The freeware version is enough to demonstrate you what the software can do. If a user thinks they need to get beyond the free features and unlock the full potential of the software, then purchasing the full version is easy. The unlimited full version comes for only $70 which is still lesser by $10 than most popular recovery software available in the market. We took R-Studio for pricing comparison as a standard; there is costlier software like EasyRecovery Professional. All of them do the same job yet EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes for a lot less.

File Recovery Features

There are plenty of impressive features that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has to offer. For example, before you hit the recover button you can actually take a look on the files via the recovery option. Not all software would let the users do that, not in the free versions at least. The preview option saves time and ensures convenient recovery of the files. The filter in the app lets you filter the files. And when you are done sorting out, it’s a matter of three complete steps to get your files back.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is very safe, since it never causes any damage to your hardware and storage device sectors.

Data recovery software often struggle with bigger hard disk drives, especially the portable ones. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard doesn’t go through any such trouble since the performance is optimized for every disk size and all operating systems. The file recovery experience is nearly flawless.


The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free is the software that you would want to count on in case a file deletion goes wrong. Since the free version has limits, it kind of acts like better pen drive recovery software as well – many people would just go for the free version to recover files off their pen drive. No matter what your purpose is, you can always count on EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.

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