Friday May 20, 2022

Five Advantages of a Hydraulic Winch

Most popular winches these days use either electric or hydraulic power. Winches which use hydraulic power have a number of advantages, including weight, power and safety. Check out our list below to find details on the five main advantages of hydraulic-powered winches.

  1. Safety
    Safety is of vital importance in any industry, but it is especially important to consider safety factors when using any machinery or equipment. Health and safety regulations state that any business or organisation must take account of working conditions and health and safety risks when selecting work equipment. A major safety benefit of a winch using hydraulic power is that the motor does not stall. When using an electric winch, however, it is possible for the electric motor to stall, and this can be very dangerous as it causes pressure to be put on the wire rope. A hydraulic machine cannot stall, so there is no worry regarding over-torque.

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  1. Weight
    Winches must be very strong in order to function effectively, but often this means they can also be very heavy. However, in general, a hydraulic-powered winch will be lighter than an electric winch.

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  1. Battery Power Not Required
    A hydraulic winch does not require any battery power, so it is always available and ready for use. In contrast, electric winches require battery power, so it is essential to ensure batteries for electric winches are charged before use. This can be inconvenient if the device needs to be used at short notice and no battery is available. Batteries can also drain extremely quickly during use, so very powerful batteries are required for electric winches.4. No Overheating
    It is possible that an electric winch could overheat if it is used for too long. This interrupts work, as it is necessary to stop using it and allow it to cool down before continuing. It could even become too hot to touch. This does not occur with a hydraulic winch.5. More Pulling Power
    A hydraulic-powered winch usually has more pulling power than an electric winch, which is clearly a major advantage. Electric winches can become strained under heavy loads, whereas a hydraulic type tends to provide a constant pull regardless of the weight it is bearing.
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