Monday May 23, 2022

What goes into making a valve?

The making of a valve really depends on what type of actual valve you need. There are several types such as pneumatic, manual, hydraulic, solenoid and those powered by a motor. Your requirements really depend on the type of work the valve is going to do. This will require quite a long and constructive conversation with the Valve Manufacturer so that they can create or provide you with what you need for the job.

But, how exactly is a valve made and what does it do?

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You might be aware of what a valve actually does but, just in case here is a brief overview.

First of all valves are everywhere, life without them would be pretty difficult. Turning on a tap, driving a car, using a computer all of this will be impossible without the humble value. Valves regulated the flow things. This doesn’t have to be liquid it can also be gases and foodstuff as well. The main point of the valve is to stop something getting somewhere it shouldn’t or allow it to be introduced slowly to mix together to create a favourable reaction or consistent mixture of items. Valves are not just restricted to the material world, there are plenty of bio valves inside you working hard right now, mainly in your heart regulating blood flow. They have inspired our industrial and domestic examples to some degree.


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Making a valve is quite a special process. The main materials that are used are those of plastic and metal or a combination of both. Metal is not always suitable as it rusts causing contamination into what the valve is regulating or it seizes up altogether. Inside the valve a rubber or plastic ring is fitted to make sure that when to valve is closed it forms an airtight seal around the aperture (or hole to you and me) so that nothing gets through or can come back the way it came.The outside of the valve is called the seat and the inside is known as the body. To make the valve work there has to be a mechanism on the outside seat to control the valve in the body. Without that control to activate the pressure seal the valve could easily start to leak and this can mean very bad news.

So, a simple thing that does for us a variety of difficult jobs.

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