Friday May 20, 2022

Harlow Art and Sculpture Trail returns

Harlow residents can look forward to another feast of art and sculpture on their doorsteps as the Art and Sculpture Trail returns to the town. The trail is in its third year and will once again see local businesses displaying artworks in a treasure hunt that all the family can enjoy.

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Sculpture Town

Harlow is home to many significant sculptures, a fact that saw it named as the world’s first sculpture town in 2010. Since then, the Essex Summer of Art organised by several local galleries has seen the trail bring a focus of art to all.

Whilst some more delicate works of art will need to be stored inside, you can also expect to find sculpture that is located outside. With modern materials such as Corten, a kind of steel that rusts in a particular way to provide a coating for the piece, even metal pieces can look wonderful without paint and open to the elements.

If you like the style, Corten metal garden sculptures are available made to order from suppliers such as

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The benefit of the arts

Art and sculpture and other cultural events are enriching for society. They provide a different way of looking at and thinking about life. Although the benefits are less obvious than investment in schools or the health service, the arts have a positive aspect on almost every area of life. To learn more, please read this article from the Arts council:

More than 20 venues will be offering display space as part of this year’s Art and Sculpture Trail, which also coincides with Harlow’s 70th anniversary – the time since it became designated as a new town.

To enjoy the trail, visitors will need to pick up a free map from any one of the locations taking part. Art enthusiasts will be delighted to see some famous names on the list, including Henry Moore and Dame Elizabeth Frink.

There will also be the opportunity to purchase art at certain venues, giving visitors a chance to display these works in their own homes or gardens.

The trail will also showcase local artists and the range of sculpture in the city that made it the first sculpture town. If you are in the area between the 8th and 23rd of July, be sure to take part.

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