Saturday May 21, 2022

Ideas for Decorating with Log Cabin Style

Whether it’s a wooden residential palace that you have, a tiny one-room retreat or simply a summer house, why not enhance the charm of your log cabin by choosing some decor that accentuates the natural warmth of its wooden charm?

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Make a Statement

A few pictures on the wall and a thick, durable rug in natural tones can transform a space used for homeworking, for example, while wooden furniture, low tables and soft furnishings in warm, earthy tones will bring out the cosiness of a sitting room or bedroom.

Many designers opt for weaving the natural beauty of the outdoors into a log cabin’s decor and use different wooden textures to complete the look. Reclaimed and recycled furniture and materials will serve to bring out a rustic feel, while beautifully carved pieces and plush soft furnishings will mesh nature and luxury.

The style of your cabin can dictate how you furnish it – high ceilings lend themselves to dramatic hanging lighting options, while low ceilings would favour concealed lights or, alternatively, standard or table lamps. A cabin with large windows will incorporate its natural surroundings into the room, so if you’re looking for Log Cabins for sale in NI, add some finishing touches that will help mesh outdoor and indoor beauty together and make it resonate with the locale. For example, choose pictures of well-known places of natural beauty for the walls and local flowers and trees printed on soft furnishings, or find some ornaments depicting wild animals and birds in the area.

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Increasing Demand

The popularity of log cabins is increasing in the UK, with research suggesting a projected growth of 12% from 2018 to 2022, according to online gardening magazine Horticulture Week. Research shows that although sales of log cabins tend to be seasonal, poor weather encourages sales as well, as people look for upgrades. Look for Log Cabins for sale in NI and you’ll find a wide selection of wooden structures, from small workshops to residential multi-room log cabins, complete with tilt and turn double-glazed windows, verandas and more.

Whether your cabin only comes into its own as a small garden base for summer parties or it’s used for guests to stay in at any time of the year, your interior design choices can turn it into something special.

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