Saturday May 21, 2022

Is Drupal the Best Platform for Bloggers?

Drupal may have a relatively small user base when compared to some other more popular blogging platforms, but here we look at several of its key benefits and examine why you, if you’re a blogger, should consider this flexible and innovative CMS as a potential online home for your digital content.

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Usability and Community

As this Business Insider article explains, Drupal isn’t as simple to use as some other blogging platforms, and you will need some development knowledge and experience to make the most of its innovative features. Although you won’t be able to set up and start blogging in seconds, this is arguably a small price to pay in the short term.

Drupal’s community may be comparatively smaller than that of many other blogging platforms, but there are always passionate users and developers keen to offer advice and share solutions they have discovered based on their own personal experiences.

Customisation Options

One of Drupal’s core strengths is its flexibility. Employing the services of a Drupal design agency and taking advantage of Drupal design by Website Express, for example, will ensure your site is highly functional and truly unique. Although this will require some investment, you can be sure that you won’t be running the risk of developing a website that looks strikingly similar to that of one of your closest competitors.

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Popular platforms ultimately tend to attract more hackers than their smaller counterparts, and although there are a variety of third-party security plugins available, Drupal’s security options are seemingly unbeatable. As the CMS provides both in-depth reports and offers enterprise-level security, let’s just say there is a reason why government agencies rely on Drupal’s CMS for managing their online presence.

Appeal to Search Engines

Although good SEO certainly isn’t specific to one platform, it has been noted that Drupal was specifically designed and built to produce search-engine-friendly sites. Default caching features mean that Drupal pages load quickly, which is an important metric for securing those top-ranking positions. Drupal’s content management systems are also able to handle large volumes of content, which is important for bloggers producing regular content for their audience.

A Developer’s Dream

In brief, the flexible and powerful nature of Drupal’s CMS make it an exciting platform that invites creativity and innovation to develop websites that stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

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